QAnon Overlooks Trump’s Ties To Epstein

QAnon conspiracy theorists fabricate child sex trafficking rings on the left, but they go out of their way to ignore enablers of pedophilia on the right.
Video shot by NBC shows Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago with Jeffrey Epstein in 1992.

Video shot by NBC shows Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago with Jeffrey Epstein in 1992.

If you’ve spent any time on social media recently, chances are you’ve rubbed up against some of the crazier conspiracy theories promoted by QAnon followers. Whether it’s Hollywood stars accused of human trafficking or utterly fantastic world domination plots cooked up by Bill Gates, the phenomena that started as a fanatical fringe movement has gone mainstream within the GOP. According to Media Matters, more than 73 current and former congressional candidates, almost exclusively Republican, promote QAnon theories on social media and Rantt Media has found many of them are verified on Twitter.

The hero with the starring role in these larger than life, bizarre fantasies involving child sex trafficking rings is usually Donald Trump. Despite decades of evidence to the contrary, QAnon followers have framed Trump as an anti-establishment savior, a golden idol in the White House intent on disrupting what QAnon followers see as the tyranny of elites. All of these conspiracy theories arise from supposed patterns and codes shared by Q, an anonymous figure that began haunting websites like 4chan in 2017, claiming to be a high-level military officer. Q touts a “great awakening” that will occur and has made many predictions concerning influential figures like the Clintons that have fallen flat and frankly failed to transpire.

Some QAnon followers have moved beyond the breadcrumbs left by the notorious Q and taken their bizarre accusations a step further, seeking to expose any high-profile person critical of Trump as a suspected pedophile. QAnon followers have started harassing celebrities on social media like Tom Hanks, Lady Gaga, and Chrissy Teigen. But they’ve remained strangely silent regarding the evidence of Trump’s own connections to accused child sex traffickers and pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein, and more recently, polygamist groups like the Kingston Clan.

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Trump’s Connections To Jeffrey Epstein

While many influential people in both New York and Palm Beach had interactions with Jeffrey Epstein over the years, his connections to two men stand out from the rest. Both Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were rumored to have flown on Epstein’s airplane, nicknamed the Lolita Express. While there are rumors Clinton also visited Epstein’s infamous “Orgy Island” in the Caribbean, those accusations remain unconfirmed.

There are, however, numerous pieces of evidence that Trump also had extensive interactions with Epstein in the 90s. Not only was Trump’s phone number found in Epstein’s little black book, but the Times published an article regarding a party Trump hosted in 1992 at Mar-a-Lago. While Trump invited 28 “calendar girl” contestants, he and Epstein were the only male attendees. Trump is quoted in a 2002 interview saying Epstein was a “terrific guy” who liked beautiful women as much as Trump did, many on the “younger side.”

According to Trump, he distanced himself from Epstein after concerning behavior towards a female Mar-a-Lago employee, but The Washington Post reported the falling out actually occurred over competing bids on the same Palm Beach mansion in 2004. Trump also recently voiced support for Epstein’s long-time friend and former girlfriend, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, saying he “wished her well” as she faced charges of child sex trafficking. When questioned about his public support of Maxwell in a recent Axios interview on HBO, Trump defended his comments saying, “Well, first of all you don’t know that…Yeah, I wish her well. I’d wish you well. I’d wish a lot of people well. Good luck. Let them prove somebody was guilty.”

And it’s not just Trump that has connections to Epstein that remain difficult to explain. Alexander Acosta, Trump’s former labor secretary, cut an extraordinary deal when Epstein was indicted on sexual abuse charges in 2007. Rather than facing a life sentence, then Miami US attorney Acosta allowed Epstein to plead to soliciting prostitution from a minor and he served just 13 months. Epstein even participated in a work release program he should not have been eligible for, leaving the jail for 12 hours every day. The scandal surrounding Acosta’s Epstein deal forced the labor secretary’s resignation from the Trump administration in 2019.

Another long-time friend and legal advisor for Trump, Alan Dershowitz, is also closely connected to Epstein. He compiled dossiers to discredit Epstein’s victims and worked to secure the controversial plea deal as part of Epstein’s legal team. Dershowitz has also been accused of having sex multiple times with one of the girls Epstein allegedly trafficked, Virginia Roberts Giuffre (who was recruited at Mar-a-Lago), when she was just seventeen. Dershowitz has denied the allegation, calling Giuffre a prostitute and a “bad mother.”

Despite the mountain of evidence that Trump and those within his administration have had extensive interactions and supported a known child sex trafficker, QAnon followers remain eerily quiet about the obvious patterns of behavior in Trump’s own history and associations. And they turn a blind eye when those close to Trump forge relationships with a polygamist sect widely known for white supremacy, incest, and corruption.

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Trump Jr. Kicks Back With The Kingston Clan

Donald Trump Jr. was recently caught on camera with the owner of Desert Tech Nick Young, who is one of the members of Utah’s Kingston Clan. The Kingston Clan, sometimes referred to as “The Order” is a well-known Utah polygamist sect whose leaders have served jail time for incest and are currently facing charges of defrauding the government in a $511 million dollar tax credit scam. The post shared on social media in late July shows Donald Trump Jr. standing with Young on a shooting range, probably one of several properties scheduled to be seized by the DOJ for laundering money from the Kingston Clan’s Washakie Renewable Energy. Young is believed to have four wives, two of which are rumored to be his first cousins.

The Kingston’s Clan is nicknamed the Blood Cult by Southern Poverty Law Center for their deeply entrenched white supremacy that has spawned incestuous relationships in order to preserve the purity of family bloodlines. Teenage girls are reportedly forced to marry close relatives such as cousins or uncles and those who have escaped the clan report widespread birth defects and miscarriages. The Kingston Clan is often described as a mob family, with deep ties to organized crime, where members are encouraged to dress normally in order to blend in. Those who attempt to leave the order are beaten and young women report having their children taken from them in order to secure their obedience to the clan.

And yet the Kingston Clan continues to repeatedly slip under the radar, enabled by politicians that seem unaware or uncaring of the abusive cult they represent. QAnon followers always seem busy looking the other way at some shiny new accusation against the Clintons without ever smelling the rot that lies under their very nose. While they’re cooking up new theories about child sex trafficking in pizzeria basements and struggling to find patterns in Trump’s misspelled tweets, girls and children are being abused in plain sight by powerful men that shake hands and rub elbows with the Trump family. And while we should all be reluctant to dabble in similar conspiracy theories, we should also be questioning, repeatedly and loudly, why the first family engages with and defends pedophiles and sex traffickers

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