A Running List Of Where Each House Democrat Stands On Impeachment

The number of House Democrats who are calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump is increasing at a fast pace. We are keeping track of them, and giving you the tools to contact them.
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD), and President Donald Trump – Official Photos and AP

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD), and President Donald Trump – Official Photos and AP

There are now 121 members of the House of Representatives calling for an impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s corrupt conduct. 120 are Democrats and 1 is an Independent – Rep. Justin Amash (MI-03). While the House Judiciary Committee has said they have launched an impeachment investigation, they have yet to formally open an impeachment inquiry.

To begin an impeachment inquiry, the House Judiciary Committee must vote on a resolution to open one, and then the full House must vote on it. Once passed, the House Judiciary Committee would then be endowed with grand jury powers which would strengthen their ability to compel witness testimony and documents currently being withheld by the Trump Administration. In order to launch the inquiry, House Democrats will need to reach the 218 vote threshold.

This is why it’s so important to track what members of Congress support launching an impeachment inquiry. After former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s July 24 testimony highlighting President Trump’s potential obstruction of justice, the number of Democrats calling for impeachment increased. There is now a majority of House Democrats who support impeachment. Watch Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA-12) after the August recess.

Below we have compiled a list of every House Democrats, and Rep. Amash, and whether they are for or against launching an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. We use ActBlue as a reference. We’ve also listed the phone numbers of your lawmakers so you can contact them and let them know how you feel about their position.

If you’re not sure who your representative is, you can look them up using your address and then check back here to see where they stand on impeachment.

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NameContact InfoImpeach
Adams, Alma (D-NC-12)(202) 225-1510Y
Aguilar, Pete (D-CA-31)(202) 225-3201Y
Allred, Colin (D-TX-32)(202) 225-2231N
Amash, Justin (Ind.-MI-03)(202) 225-3831Y
Axne, Cindy (D-IA-03)(202) 225-5476N
Barragán, Nanette (D-CA-44)(202) 225-8220Y
Bass, Karen (D-CA-37)(202) 225-7084Y
Beatty, Joyce (D-OH-03)(202) 225-4324Y
Bera, Ami (D-CA-07)(202) 225-5716N
Beyer, Don (D-VA-08)(202) 225-4376Y
Bishop Jr., Sanford (D-GA-02)(202) 225-3631N
Blumenauer, Earl (D-OR-03)(202) 225-4811Y
Blunt Rochester, Lisa (D-DE-At-Large District)(202) 225-4165Y
Bonamici, Suzanne (D-OR-01)(202) 225-0855Y
Boyle, Brendan (D-PA-02)(202) 225-6111Y
Brindisi, Anthony (D-NY-22)(202) 225-3665N
Brown, Anthony G. (D-MD-04)(202) 225-8699N
Brownley, Julia (D-CA-26)(202) 225-5811Y
Bustos, Cheri (D-I-17)(202) 225-5905N
Butterfield, G.K. (D-N-01)(202) 225-3101Y
Carbajal, Salud (D-CA-24)(202) 225-3601Y
Cárdenas, Tony (D-CA-29)(202) 225-6131Y
Carson, Andre (D-IN-07)(202) 225-4011Y
Cartwright, Matt (D-PA-08)(202) 225-5546N
Case, Ed (D-HI-01)(202) 225-2726N
Casten, Sean (D-IL-06)(202) 225-4561Y
Castor, Kathy (D-FL-14)(202) 225-3376N
Castro, Joaquin (D-TX-20)(202) 225-3236Y
Chu, Judy (D-CA-27)(202) 225-5464Y
Cicilline, David (D-RI-01)(202) 225-4911Y
Cisneros, Gil (D-CA-39)(202) 225-4111N
Clark, Katherine (D-MA-05)(202) 225-2836Y
Clarke, Yvette (D-NY-09)(202) 225-6231Y
Clay, William Lacy (D-MO-01)(202) 225-2406Y
Cleaver, Emanuel (D-MO-5)(202) 225-4535Y
Clyburn, James (D-SC-06)(202) 225-3315N
Cohen, Steve (D-TN-09)(202) 225-3265Y
Connolly, Gerald Edward "Gerry" (D-VA-11)(202) 225-1492N
Cooper, Jim (D-TN-05)(202) 225-4311N
Correa, Lou (D-CA-46)(202) 225-2965N
Costa, Jim (D-CA-16)(202) 225-3341N
Courtney, Joe (D-CT-02)(202) 225-2076N
Cox, TJ (D-CA-21)(202) 225-4695N
Craig, Angie (D-MN-02)(202) 225-2271N
Crist, Charlie (D-FL-13)(202) 225-5961N
Crow, Jason (D-CO-06)(202) 225-7882Y
Cuellar, Henry (D-TX-28)(202) 225-1640N
Cummings, Elijah (D-MD-07)(202) 225-4741N
Cunningham, Joe (D-SC-01)(202) 225-3176N
Davids, Sharice (D-KS-03)(202) 225-2865N
Davis, Danny (D-IL-07)(202) 225-5006Y
Davis, Susan (D-CA-53)(202) 225-2040N
Dean, Madeleine (D-PA-04)(202) 225-4731Y
DeFazio, Peter (D-OR-04)(202) 225-6416Y
DeGette, Diana (D-CO-01)(202) 225-4431Y
DeLauro, Rosa L. (D-CT-03)(202) 225-3661N
DelBene, Suzane (D-WA-01)(202) 225-6311Y
Delgado, Antonio (D-NY)-19(202) 225-5614N
Demings, Val (D-FL-10)(202) 225-2176Y
DeSaulnier, Mark (D-CA-11)(202) 225-2095Y
Deutch, Theodore E. (D-FL-22)(202) 225-3001Y
Dingell, Debbie (D-MI-12)(202) 225-4071N
Doggett, Lloyd (D-TX-35)(202) 225-4865Y
Doyle, Mike (D-PA-18)(202) 225-2135Y
Engel, Eliot (D-NY-16)(202) 225-2464Y
Escobar, Veronica (D-TX-16)(202) 225-4831Y
Eshoo, Anna (D-CA-18)(202) 225-8104N
Espaillat, Adriano (D-NY-13)(202) 225-4365Y
Evans, Dwight (D-PA-03)(202) 225-4001Y
Finkenauer, Abby (D-IA-01)(202) 225-2911N
Fletcher, Lizzie Pannill (D-TX-07)(202) 225-2571N
Foster, Bill (D-IL-11)(202) 225-3515N
Frankel, Lois (D-FL-21)(202) 225-9890N
Fudge, Marcia (D-OH-11)(202) 225-7032Y
Gabbard, Tulsi (D-HI-02)(202) 225-4906N
Gallego, Ruben (D-AZ-07)(202) 225-4065Y
Garamendi, John (D-CA-03)(202) 225-1880Y
Garcia, Jesus "Chuy" (D-IL-04)(202) 225-8203Y
Garcia, Sylvia (D-TX-29)(202) 225-1688N
Golden, Jared (D-ME-02)(202) 225-6306N
Gomez, Jimmy (D-CA-34)(202) 225-6235Y
González, Vicente (D-TX-15)(202) 225-2531N
Gottheimer, Josh (D-NJ-05)(202) 225-4465N
Green, Al (D-TX-09)(202) 225-7508Y
Grijalva, Raul (D-AZ-03)(202) 225-2435Y
Haaland, Debra (D-NM-01)(202) 225-6316N
Harder, Josh (D-CA-10)(202) 225-4540N
Hastings, Alcee (D-FL-20)(202) 225-1313N
Hayes, Jahana (D-CT-05)(202) 225-4476N
Heck, Denny (D-WA-10)(202) 225-9740Y
Higgins, Brian (D-NY-26)(202) 225-3306Y
Hill, Katie (D-CA-25)(202) 225-1956N
Himes, Jim (D-CT-04)(202) 225-5541Y
Holmes Norton, Eleanor (D-DC-At-Large District)(202) 225-8050N
Horn, Kendra (D-OK-05)(202) 225-2132N
Horsford, Steven (D-NV-04)(202) 225-9894N
Houlahan, Chrissy (D-PA-06)(202) 225-4315N
Hoyer, Steny (D-MD-05)(202) 225-4131N
Huffman, Jared (D-CA-02)(202) 225-5161Y
Jackson Lee, Sheila (D-TX-18)(202) 225-3816Y
Jayapal, Pramila (D-WA-07)(202) 225-3106Y
Jeffries, Hakeem (D-NY-08)(202) 225-5936N
Johnson, Eddie Bernice (D-TX-30)(202) 225-8885N
Johnson, Hank (D-GA-04)(202) 225-1605N
Kaptur, Marcy (D-OH-09)(202) 225-4146N
Keating, Bill (D-MA-09)(202) 225-3111N
Kelly, Robin (D-IL-02)(202) 225-0773Y
Kennedy, Joe III (D-MA-04)(202) 225-5931Y
Khanna, Ro (D-CA-17)(202) 225-2631N
Kildee, Daniel (D-MI-05)(202) 225-3611Y
Kilmer, Derek (D-WA-06)(202) 225-5916Y
Kim, Andrew (D-NJ-03)(202) 225-4765N
Kind, Ronald James "Ron" (D-WI-03)(202) 225-5506N
Kirkpatrick, Ann (D-AZ-02)(202) 225-2542Y
Krishnamoorthi, Raja (D-IL-08)(202) 225-3711N
Kuster, Ann McLane (D-NH-02)(202) 225-5206Y
Lamb, Conor (D-PA-17)(202) 225-2301N
Langevin, Jim (D-RI-02)(202) 225-2735N
Larsen, Rick (D-WA-02)(202) 225-2605Y
Larson, John (D-CT-01)(202) 225-2265N
Lawrence, Brenda (D-MI-14)(202) 225-5802Y
Lawson, Alfred (D-FL-05)(202) 225-0123N
Lee, Barbara (D-CA-13)(202) 225-2661Y
Lee, Susie (D-NV-03)(202) 225-3252N
Levin, Andy (D-MI-09)(202) 225-4961Y
Levin, Mike (D-CA-49)(202) 225-3906Y
Lewis, John (D-GA-05)(202) 225-3801N
Lieu, Ted (D-CA-33)(202) 225-3976Y
Lipinski, Daniel (D-IL-03)(202) 225-5701N
Loebsack, Dave (D-IA-02)(202) 225-6576N
Lofgren, Zoe (D-CA-19)(202) 225-3072N
Lowenthal, Alan (D-CA-47)(202) 225-7924Y
Lowey, Nita (D-NY-17)(202) 225-6506Y
Luria, Elaine (D-VA-02)(202) 225-4215N
Lynch, Stephen (D-MA-08)(202) 225-8273N
Malinowski, Tom (D-NJ-07)(202) 225-5361Y
Maloney, Carolyn (D-NY-18)(202) 225-7944Y
Maloney, Sean Patrick (D-NY-12)(202) 225-5441N
Matsui, Doris (D-CA-06)(202) 225-7163Y
McAdams, Ben (D-UT-04)(202) 225-3011N
McBath, Lucy (D-GA-06)(202) 225-4501N
McCollum, Betty (D-MN-04)(202) 225-6631Y
McEachin, Aston Donald (D-VA-04)(202) 225-6365N
McGovern, Jim (D-M-02)(202) 225-6101Y
McNerney, Jerry (D-CA-09)(202) 225-1947N
Meeks, Gregory W. (D-NY-05)(202) 225-3461N
Meng, Grace (D-NY-06)(202) 225-2601Y
Moore, Gwen (D-WI-04)(202) 225-4572Y
Morelle, Joseph (D-NY-25)(202) 225-3615N
Moulton, Seth (D-MA-06)(202) 225-8020Y
Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie (D-FL-26)(202) 225-2778Y
Murphy, Stephanie (D-FL-07)(202) 225-4035N
Nadler, Jerrold (D-NY-10)(202) 225-5635N
Napolitano, Grace (D-CA-32)(202) 225-5256Y
Neal, Richard (D-MA-01)(202) 225-5601N
Neguse, Joe (D-CO-02)(202) 225-2161Y
Norcross, Donald (D-NJ-01)(202) 225-6501Y
O'Halleran, Tom (D-AZ-01)(202) 225-3361N
Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria (D-NY-14)(202) 225-3965Y
Omar, Ilhan (D-MN-05)(202) 225-4755Y
Pallone, Frank (D-NJ-06)(202) 225-4671Y
Panetta, Jimmy (D-CA-20)(202) 225-2861N
Pappas, Chris (D-NH-01)(202) 225-5456Y
Pascrell, Bill Jr. (D-NJ-09)(202) 225-5751Y
Payne Jr, Donald (D-NJ-10)(202) 225-3436Y
Pelosi, Nancy (D-CA-12)(202) 225-4965N
Perlmutter, Ed (D-CO-07)(202) 225-2645N
Peters, Scott (D-CA-52)(202) 225-0508Y
Peterson, Collin (D-MN-07)(202) 225-2165N
Phillips, Dean (D-MN-03)(202) 225-2871N
Pingree, Chellie (D-ME-01)(202) 225-6116Y
Plaskett, Stacey (D-USVI-At-large District)(202) 225-1790N
Pocan, Mark (D-WI-02)(202) 225-2906Y
Porter, Katie (D-CA-45)(202) 225-5611Y
Pressley, Ayanna (D-MA-07)(202) 225-5111Y
Price, David (D-NC-04)(202) 225-1784N
Quigley, Mike (D-IL-05)(202) 225-4061Y
Raskin, Jamie (D-MD-08)(202) 225-5341Y
Ray Lujan, Ben (D-NM-03)(202) 225-6190N
Rice, Kathleen (D-NY-04)(202) 225-5516Y
Richmond, Cedric (D-LA-02)(202) 225-6636Y
Rose, Max (D-NY-11)(202) 225-3371N
Rouda, Harley (D-CA-48)(202) 225-2415Y
Roybal-Allard, Lucille (D-CA-40)(202) 225-1766Y
Ruiz, Raul (D-CA-36)(202) 225-5330N
Ruppersberger, Dutch (D-MD-02)(202) 225-3061N
Rush, Bobby (D-IL-01)(202) 225-4372Y
Ryan, Tim (D-OH-13)(202) 225-5261Y
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho (D-NMI-At-large District)(202) 225-2646N
San Nicolas, Michael F.Q. (D-GU-At-large-District)(202) 225-1188N
Sánchez, Linda (D-CA-38)(202) 225-6676N
Sarbanes, John (D-MD-03)(202) 225-4016N
Scanlon, Mary Gay (D-PA-05)(202) 225-2011Y
Schakowsky, Jan (D-IL-09)(202) 225-2111Y
Schiff, Adam (D-CA-28)(202) 225-4176N
Schneider, Brad (D-IL-10)(202) 225-4835N
Schrader, Kurt (D-OR-05)(202) 225-5711N
Schrier, Kim (D-WA-08)(202) 225-7761Y
Schultz, Debbie Wasserman (D-FL-23)(202) 225-7931N
Scott, David (D-GA-13)(202) 225-2939N
Scott, Robert C. "Bobby" (D-VA-03)(202) 225-8351N
Serrano, José (D-NY-15)(202) 225-4361N
Sewell, Terri (D-AL-07)(202) 225-2665N
Shalala, Donna (D-FL-27)(202) 225-3931N
Sherman, Brad (D-CA-30)(202) 225-5911Y
Sherrill, Mikie (D-NJ-11)(202) 225-5034N
Sires, Albio (D-NJ-08)(202) 225-7919N
Slotkin, Elissa (D-MI-08)(202) 225-4872N
Smith, Adam (D-WA-09)(202) 225-8901Y
Soto, Darren (D-FL-09)(202) 225-9889N
Spanberger, Abigail (D-VA-07)(202) 225-2815N
Speier, Jackie (D-CA-14)(202) 225-3531Y
Stanton, Greg (D-AZ-09)(202) 225-9888Y
Stevens, Haley (D-MI-11)(202) 225-8171N
Suozzi, Tom (D-NY-03)(202) 225-3335N
Swalwell, Eric (D-CA-15)(202) 225-5065Y
Takano, Mark (D-CA-41)(202) 225-2305N
Thompson, Bennie (D-MS-02)(202) 225-5876Y
Thompson, Mike (D-CA-05)(202) 225-3311N
Titus, Dina (D-NV-01)(202) 225-5965Y
Tlaib, Rashida (D-MI-13)(202) 225-5126Y
Tonko, Paul (D-NY-20)(202) 225-5076Y
Torres Small, Xochitl (D-NM-02)(202) 225-2365N
Torres, Norma (D-CA-35)(202) 225-6161Y
Trahan, Lori (D-MA-03)(202) 225-3411Y
Trone, David (D-MD-06)(202) 225-2721N
Underwood, Lauren (D-IL-14)(202) 225-2976N
Van Drew, Jeff (D-NJ-02)(202) 225-6572N
Vargas, Juan (D-CA-51)(202) 225-8045Y
Veasey, Marc (D-TX-33)(202) 225-9897N
Vela, Filemon (D-TX-34)(202) 225-9901Y
Velázquez, Nydia (D-NY-07)(202) 225-2361Y
Visclosky, Peter (D-IN-01)(202) 225-2461N
Waters, Maxine (D-CA-43)(202) 225-2201Y
Watson Coleman, Bonnie (D-NJ-12)(202) 225-5801Y
Welch, Peter (D-VT-At-large District)(202) 225-4115Y
Wexton, Jennifer (D-VA-10)(202) 225-5136Y
Wild, Susan (D-PA-07)(202) 225-6411N
Wilson, Frederica S. (D-FL-24)(202) 225-4506N
Yarmuth, John (D-KY-03)(202) 225-5401Y
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