Introducing Global Outlook: Rantt’s New International Column

Covering news from around the world as well as providing analysis on foreign policy developments as they happen
Earth (Scott Kelly/NASA via AP)

Earth (Scott Kelly/NASA via AP)

Americans are a rather disengaged bunch when it comes to what is going on in the world around them. Foreign affairs don’t register on many Americans’ minds by global standards, and coverage of what is going on abroad usually does not fall as highly on their priorities. Though evidence of American interest in foreign news is temporal, studies on the matter generally reveal that foreign news is usually followed nowhere near as closely as domestic ones. The general explanation for this is that Americans, citizens of the richest country in the world, have been rather insulated from the implications of events happening elsewhere on Earth (tragedies like 9/11 not withstanding).

This trend is liable to worsen with the news cycle today currently dominated by the turmoil surrounding the Trump administration and its assault on the rule of law, with the top international story being Russia’s impact on the election. Though the fate of American government as we know it is indeed of paramount importance, there are other developments going on in the world. They too deserve attention.

This matters because people must learn, understand, and engage with what is going on in the world outside their country’s borders. Doing so creates a deeper knowledge of people, events, and cultures, a connection to individuals in far away places. Such an understanding creates more cognizant citizens of the world, the best antidote to counter the propagandists and fear-mongerers who threaten to tear apart this country and the world.

In an effort to provide a more thorough and global perspective of the news — one that is currently lacking in most news coverage — Rantt is launching Global Outlook. This column will aim to provide you with the stories from around the world you may have missed and analyze any international developments and their impact. We will also cover Trump administration’s impact globally, too. We hope you tune in and enjoy!

Some of Rantt’s international coverage…

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