Meet Pennsylvania State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta: A Rising Star In The Democratic Party

In a candid 40-minute interview, Pennsylvania State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D) talks about the pandemic, racial injustice, and the election.

Pennsylvania State Representative for the 181st district, Malcolm Kenyatta, is a rising star in the Democratic party. A Northern Philly native and the first openly gay, Black male in the state government’s history, Malcolm has garnered national attention for his passionate defense of service workers and for being one of this year’s standout keynote speakers at the DNC.

Since speaking at the DNC, Kenyatta has made noteworthy cable news appearances and even features as the narrator in a new Biden ad that takes on the discriminatory practice of redlining. Malcolm’s continued upward trajectory in the party is palpable.

In an effort to better get to know this rising star, last week I sat down with State Representative Kenyatta for a candid interview where we discussed everything from why he chose to get into a life of public service and his unique experience as the first Black and gay man to serve in his state’s government, to where he thinks this country is headed and what’s at stake should Donald Trump win re-election in 2020.

You can see the full interview above, or click here to watch on Youtube.

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