Trump Presented A Fake Hurricane Dorian Forecast To Protect His Ego

Rather than admit he is wrong, President Trump unlawfully doubles down on his lie that Hurricane Dorian was set to hit Alabama.
President Trump presents a fake forecast of Hurricane Dorian that includes black marker – September 4, 2019 (White House Video)

President Trump presents a fake forecast of Hurricane Dorian that includes black marker – September 4, 2019 (White House Video)

The Lede

Today, as Hurricane Dorian heads north, up America’s southeast coast, President Trump sought to justify his false claims that Alabama was set to be impacted by the hurricane. In a move that is unlawful, Trump presented a fake forecast map that included Alabama in Hurricane Dorian’s path. Unfortunately for Trump’s disinformation effort, it was very obviously drawn on with a black marker.

It’s unclear whether President Trump drew it on himself or if it was his staff trying to vindicate his previous lies, but either way, the act itself was unlawful. NBC’s Al Roker tweeted out an image that showed the original map being presented to Trump before it was doctored:

When asked about this, President Trump made the lie significantly worse.

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The Context

This all started on Sunday when President Trump sent out a tweet falsely claiming that Alabama was in the path of Hurricane Dorian.

20 minutes later, the National Weather Service Birmingham Alabama corrected President Trump.

The facts didn’t stop President Trump from doubling down on this lie in a tweet attacking an ABC News reporter.

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The Analysis

The President of the United States chose to unlawfully present a false forecast of Hurricane Dorian to justify a lie he told rather than admit he was wrong. This is just one of the over 12,000 lies Donald Trump has told as president, according to The Washington Post. This should factor into Americans’ decisions in 2020 when they enter the ballot box. Do they want to vote for a president who is incapable of telling the truth and places his ego everything?

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