Trump Picks Scott Pruitt, Climate Change Denier, To Head E.P.A. Because Of Course

Trump is making good on his promise to destroy the E.P.A. from the inside out

President-elect Donald Trump has decided on Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General and climate change “skeptic”, to head the Environmental Protection Agency. A clear signal to many that Trump may indeed make good on his promise to defund and ultimately dismantle much of the E.P.A. as we know it. Pruitt’s appointment comes a few days after a widely publicized, and encouraging, meeting between Trump and Al Gore at Trump Tower. High hopes of a shift in Trump’s thinking on the issue of climate change have been slashed by this new addition to the Trump team.

In any other world, Pruitt’s appointment would be a strange one. He’s made a career out of suing the E.P.A. to block clean air and water regulations and his deep affiliation with the fossil fuel industry is a main concern among environmental activists. Trump supporters (and donors), however, see this move as a step in the right direction towards abolishing the E.P.A. and federal environmental regulations altogether. Pruitt, an outspoken advocate of states rights, believes states have constitutional rights to control their own levels of pollution. Interestingly, his defense of states rights fall by the wayside when discussing the legalization of marijuana.

Environmental activists around the country are not taking the news of Pruitt’s nomination lightly. Many have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns:

What this news means for the fight against climate change remains to be seen — but it’ll likely do nothing to help calm the 64% of Americans that are worried about global warming and its impending dire consequences.

President-elect Trump is expected to name his choice for Secretary of State next week. So far, this guy is one of the main contenders for the job.

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