Polling Indicates Americans Are Fed Up With Trump’s Corruption

As President Trump's corruption and unhinged behavior reaches new levels of shamelessness, support for impeaching and removing Trump continues to rise.
President Trump and protestors from the January 2017 Women’s March (AP)

President Trump and protestors from the January 2017 Women’s March (AP)

We are beginning to see real chinks in President Trump’s armor. The man once referred to as Teflon Don is apparently unable to stop recent scandals from sticking. Over the course of his presidency, Donald Trump has tested the resolve of the American people through cruel, corrupt, and chaotic actions. Trump’s avalanche of unhinged tweet sprees, oppressive policies, corrupt actions, false accusations of treason, lies, and efforts to place himself above the law have taken their toll on Americans. It appears they’ve had enough.

President Trump has long had over 60% disapproval, but support for impeachment has had trouble surpassing 50% – until now. President Trump’s illegal effort to extort Ukraine into interfering in the 2020 election was a bridge too far. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has launched an impeachment inquiry, and as Trump’s disinformation defense flails, the public is rallying behind House Democrats.

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NBC News reported that President Trump has told allies that if national support for impeachment and removal from office rises above 50%, Trump fears losing Republican support. Recent polling indicates we’re on the cusp of that threshold. There have been more nuanced questions being asked in these new polls, which now paint a more accurate depiction of where Americans stand. As we have outlined in our impeachment explainer, impeachment is merely an indictment from the House. Removal from office is a separate matter that occurs in the Senate.

Polls after news first broke of President Trump’s call with Ukrainian President Zelensky indicated a surge in support for impeachment. And this was before the transcript notes and whistleblower complaint was released.

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Over the weekend, there was a CBS News poll that showcased a majority of Americans support the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. It also contained some concerning signs of waning Republican support.

On Monday, there were two polls that showcased support for impeachment and removal from office is reaching Trump’s worry zone. A new Quinnipiac poll saw impeachment and removal at 47%, while support for an impeachment inquiry is at 52%.

A CNN poll bolstered that trend, also bringing in a 47% impeach and remove number.

It appears we are at the “enough already” phase of Donald Trump’s presidency.

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