Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs

These jobs couple the flexibility of working from home with other benefits of telecommuting. Learn about the best careers you can apply to.
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska on Unsplash

The recent popularity of remote work may have been prompted by concerns over limiting exposure to COVID-19 in the workplace, but it could usher in a new area of telecommuting that benefits us all. From better air quality to flexible schedules, the convenience of working from home is about a lot more than earning money in your pajamas.

In the past, many work from home jobs sounded a bit too good to be true. Scams abounded and workers were often left wondering if real remote work would ever materialize. Today, data indicates work from home jobs have increased 159% in the last decade and the potential for additional telecommuting jobs is expanding as remote work technology becomes ubiquitous.

Previously, remote work was primarily the domain of freelancers and the gig economy. However, many companies are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to shift more job responsibilities out of the office as they discover telecommuting has surprising benefits. Studies say working from home actually boosts both productivity and job satisfaction for a majority of employees and businesses across a wide variety of industries.

Top 10 Remote Work Jobs

Dig out those slippers and put another pot of coffee on while we help you scout out the top ten work-from-home jobs that offer the perks of pajamas with benefits.

1. Virtual Assistant

Average job salary: $61,290
Required education: Varies by industry

Virtual assistants aren’t just bots. They’re actual people, some of whom work as independent contractors, with a portfolio of clients they provide professional services such as administrative, technical, or creative work. Some make as little as $15 an hour while others may charge up to $75 an hour for their services.

While there are no standard qualifications or education requirements for this field of work, becoming a successful virtual assistant requires exceptional oral and written communication and organizational skills. Those with specialized backgrounds can earn higher salaries providing virtual assistance to businesses in the legal, medical, and financial industries.

2. Medical Transcription or Data Entry

Average job salary: $34,770
Required education: Associates degree or post-secondary training required

Medical transcription involves data entry, specifically for hospitals or physician’s offices, and it’s currently a growing field in high demand. Transcriptionists often listen to voice recordings and transcribe them into notes or written reports for medical files. As you can imagine, the position requires fast typing skills and attention to detail.

Many other industries besides healthcare are also using data entry specialists and most of these jobs contract with third-party businesses to provide these services. Data entry specialists may be asked to track inventory, manage shipments, or measure performance and produce reports. Because the work can be done at any time, these positions offer maximum flexibility but are a little light on reimbursement in comparison to other types of remote work.

3. Translator

Average job salary: $49,930
Required education: Bachelor’s degree preferred, language fluency required

Unlike interpreters, translators often work from home translating and transcribing documents and written or audio sources in another language. However, the job can be demanding and requires the ability to follow through on tight deadlines and fluency in two or more languages. Many translators work for translation services or businesses, but some are self-employed or contractors.

Translators work in a variety of industries in both the public and private sectors from government to healthcare to education. This career is in high demand and has a good rate of growth, both current and projected. Starting salaries can be low but well-established, experienced translators can make a modest living while working from home.

4. Web Developer

Average job salary: $75,580
Required education: No formal education requirements, advanced technology skills required

Web developers are the folks who design and build websites and databases for both personal and business use. Their advanced skills and expertise in areas like programming and coding are best obtained through post-secondary education and certifications. Because their work is primarily online, most web developers simply need a computer and a fast internet connection to work from home.

This field continues to be in high demand as online services and sales expand for most businesses and industries. Web developers often work as contractors, are self-employed, or work through third-party organizations that offer professional services to other business entities. Due to their highly technical expertise, web developers typically earn a higher yearly salary than other telecommuting occupations.

5. Travel Agent

Average job salary: $43,632
Required education: High school diploma or similar

While you might imagine travel agents disappeared as the internet took over online booking, it’s still a stable career that offers services to both private and corporate clients. Travel agents who specialize in certain geographical areas or group travel tend to have better job prospects.

Most travel agents work through an agency, but a majority of their work can and is conducted from home. Whether they’re coordinating niche experiences for wealthy clients or booking conferences and corporate travel, agents can expect to make a modest salary while telecommuting.

6. Writer or Editor

Average job salary: $43,632
Required education: Bachelor’s degree required, Masters preferred for editing

While the field faces growing uncertainty, publishing jobs still abound for those willing to work online. Whether they’re formulating news articles, researching white papers or creating marketing content, writers and editors keep the words flowing for websites and publications alike. Many writers and editors work as freelancers who create content for multiple clients or publications.

The ability to work on a deadline as well as outstanding research and written communication skills are required. Having a bachelor’s degree in a related field such as English, education, or journalism is preferred but many writers are able to secure jobs based on their portfolio of work or writing samples. Salaries in this field are also largely dependent on the kind of writing and editing required, with technical writing earning higher levels of compensation.

7. Social Media Manager

Average job salary: $48,508
Required education: Bachelor’s degree in communications, public relations or journalism

A growing number of businesses and corporations employ a social media manager or even an entire team to manage their social media presence. These folks are responsible not only for posting content and keeping profiles up to date but also for responding to customer concerns and driving engagement with the business website.

In-depth knowledge of marketing and management tools for the more popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is essential. Social media managers are also tasked with reporting engagement data back to businesses and performing periodic audits of the accounts they maintain. Many social media managers are employed directly by businesses although some work through third-party agencies that offer social media and marketing services.

8. Graphic Designer

Average job salary: $45,677
Required education: Bachelor’s degree in graphic design required

Graphic designers create visual concepts or designs for a wide range of uses from virtual or print ad campaigns to product packaging to websites. They use either computer software or draw by hand to create designs and are often responsible not just for logos, but for typeface, color schemes, and more.

Graphic designers need the ability to meet deadlines and because many are self-employed, they should also be comfortable balancing the needs of multiple clients. A bachelor’s degree is required, although many prospective employers prefer to rely upon a strong portfolio and recommendations from previous clients.

9. Customer Service Representative

Average job salary: $35,830
Required education: High school diploma or similar

When you imagine customer service representatives on the phone, you usually envision them in massive offices behind rows and rows of cubicles. Today’s businesses usually need workers who can answer calls and assist customers 24/7, so many of these jobs have adapted to a telecommuting environment that offers greater scheduling flexibility.

Unlike some of the other remote work jobs we’ve highlighted, working from home on the phone may have some technical requirements such as specific software or VOIP technology. While many large businesses and corporations have their own call center staff, it’s growing increasingly popular to contract with a third party to service customer complaints.

10. Accountant, Bookkeeper, or Auditor

Average job salary: $78,820
Required education: Bachelor’s degree in accounting or similar

Keeping both your personal and business finances in order is the domain of accountants, bookkeepers, and auditors. Their job is to record, audit and ensure the accuracy of financial records, reports, and in the case of auditors, tax returns. For the most part, the majority of this work can be done from home on the computer with occasional client interaction.

While you can complete a CPA program, most clients will prefer to see advanced education and experience before entrusting someone with the financial health of the future of their business. While you might think the work of an accountant is boring, some can be employed in surprising ways like working to uncover discrepancies and do forensic auditing.

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What is remote work?

Remote work is employment that can be conducted from home or at a distance, sometimes referred to as telecommuting. Many remote workers are freelancers, self-employed, or contractors rather than full-time, salaried employees. Often these are jobs that offer services or products that can be delivered online and require minimal interaction with customers or clients.

An increasing number of employers are shifting to remote work as studies show it benefits productivity and job satisfaction as well as offering a better life-work balance.

The Rantt Rundown

As challenges like COVID-19 and environmental impacts force us to find creative solutions, work-from-home jobs will continue to gain a foothold across many industries. Experts estimate as much as 50% of the work we conduct on a daily basis could be performed at a distance. As more businesses find ways to convert traditional workplaces into online environments, remote work will continue to grow. Currently, only about 3% of jobs in the United States are classified as telecommuting or work-from-home positions.

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