The End Of Mueller’s Probe Is Just The End Of The Beginning

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation ends, President Donald Trump's legal troubles are just beginning.
Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald Trump (AP)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald Trump (AP)

1. President Trump is preparing for a perilous legal road ahead: The Daily Beast reported that President Trump is well aware of the fact that after Special Counsel Robert Mueller ends his investigation and submits his report, the battle is just beginning. Trump reportedly told his lawyers late last year that he would like them to stay on even after Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference and Trump’s potential obstruction of justice ends. President Trump’s most immediate concern was reportedly the Southern District of New York’s (SDNY) investigations. This makes sense given the fact President Trump has taken a great interest in who would lead the SDNY in the earliest days of his administration. Trump reportedly also asked then-Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to re-install a Trump ally to lead the office. The Wall Street Journal just reported tonight that the House Judiciary Committee believes they have evidence indicating that was indeed the case.

The SDNY led the investigation which uncovered Michael Cohen’s hush money payments on behalf of Trump that garnered a prison sentence for Cohen and an unindicted co-conspirator status for Trump. The SDNY is also probing the Trump Inaugural Committee to determine whether or not Russian oligarchs or other foreign entities illegally funneled money into the committee. There is also the emoluments probe investigating Trump International Hotel. And last, but certainly not least, the Democratically-controlled House Committees are going to use Mueller’s report as a roadmap for their investigations and run their own in a manner that will not be restricted by the Justice Department. The House plans on leaving no stone unturned, diving into Trump’s lifetime of corruption. What the result will be is unknown, but what we do know is they have plenty of material to work with already if their plan is to draft Articles of Impeachment in the House Judiciary Committee.


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