Rantt Media Podcast: Episode 3

Recorded May 28, 2018

The Trump presidency has brought with it whirlwind news cycles. We break it all down each week and analyze the news so you don’t have to.

THIS WEEK: Rantt Founders Adam A and Ahmed Baba have a fast-paced discussion about the breaking news from last week and the stories you should keep an eye on moving forward:

  • President Trump’s disinformation campaign to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller is working with help from the media. We debunk Trump’s false spy conspiracy theory and discuss the public opinion parallels to Watergate. [Starts at 0:22]
  • Donald Trump Jr.’s apparent perjury,  Michael Cohen’s pay-to-play schemes, and President Trump’s international culture of corruption. [Starts at 15:00]
  • North Korea. [Starts at 26:50]
  • The truly inhumane Trump administration policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border and clearing up the conflation with the 1,500 missing children. [Starts at 35:00]

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