President-Elect Donald Trump Has Officially Turned The Presidency Into A Reality Show

Nothing should really surprise us at this point

If we’ve learned anything over the past 15+ months it’s that up is down and the old rules have been completely thrown out the window. Usually after an election, the President-Elect focuses on a few main things — things like finalizing cabinet appointments, putting the finishing touches on policy plans, and holding lots of important meetings with key members of the government. It’s all pretty boring really. And in any other election year it probably would be. But of course this is 2016 — the most awful year on record. And of course this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

Somehow President-Elect Trump has managed to turn an otherwise very routine exercise in the transfer of power into a reality show. Day after day, network cameras are rolling at Trump Tower, waiting with baited breath to catch that day’s round of sycophantic suck ups desperate for a job in the Trump administration. He brings in several different people, all up for the same job, through that ugly gold lobby — as if he’s presenting the public with a list of American Idol finalists. It’s because he is. That’s how the man works. It’s a known fact that members of his own team use the media as a sort of direct line of communication with him. He’s a self-admitted cable news junkie, and it’s safe to assume he’s as clueless as the rest of us are when it comes to actually picking cabinet appointments. So he displays his choices on TV — hoping the talking heads, and armies of advisors will fight about it on air and help make the choice for him. This is not presidential. It’s cowardly. It proves he has no idea what on earth he’s doing. It proves he has no vision. He’s a lapdog to the loudest person in the room (or TV for that matter) and that should scare us all.

I mean just look at what the next most powerful man on earth has been doing lately. If you’ve been under a rock, Twitter is the new press release and the President-Elect has been spending most of his time shitting all over SNL, and destroying already tense diplomatic relations with China. And it’s only been 26 fucking days. I honestly don’t know how we’re going to survive four years of this.

Donald Trump clearly doesn’t know how to do his new job. Let’s start saying that out loud a little more instead of pretending this reality show behavior is normal for a President-Elect. IT’S NOT.

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