Our 25 Day Old Publication Is Endorsing Hillary Clinton For President — Here’s Why

On October 15th we reached our breaking point.
Hillary Rodham Clinton (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Hillary Rodham Clinton (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Rantt’s Founding Team is endorsing the only qualified candidate in this election for POTUS: Hillary Clinton. It took us months of enduring Trump’s ludicrous behavior and media malpractice to come to a definitive decision and trust us when we say it was not at all easy to make. However, the decision was not about who to endorse, because let’s get real, Clinton has been the only real choice since the primaries ended. No, the hard decision was about whether or not to put months of planning, fundraising efforts, and the development of Rantt’s stand alone product on hold in order to launch before the election.

But by October 15th, for some ineffable reason we, as a group, had reached our breaking point. The election was less than a month away, not enough time to build any sort of substantial following, but our team came to the conclusion that it would be worth it to pre-maturely launch. We were understaffed, underfunded, and throwing away all plans to debut with the bang of organized PR. We didn’t care, as long as it it meant that we could persuade even a handful of voters. Too much is at stake. So we launched. That’s how important this election is to us.

Now lets talk through why we decided to endorse Hillary:

She Is Deeply Qualified

Hillary Clinton is a woman who has dedicated her entire life to public service. From going undercover in her early 20's to expose segregated schools, to pioneering women’s rights as first lady, Hillary’s life work has been about helping humanity move forward. She’s worked at almost every level of government and has established meaningful relationships throughout Washington and around the globe. She has the experience, knowledge and temperament to make the tough calls that are required of the leader of the free world.

Crooked Hillary Is A Myth

Although it’s popular to say that she is “corrupt” there is little evidence to back this claim. Yes, she received money for speeches she gave as a private citizen but that’s something all prominent people do. Trump earns $1.5 million per speech. Clinton earned only $275k. Why the double standard? And where’s the evidence it ever shaped her policy stances? She also received campaign contributions for her Senate and presidential runs, but there is absolutely no evidence of her granting political favors or sponsoring legislation based on the money she has received. But we don’t seem to live in a world where evidence and facts form the basis of Americans’ opinions. Unfortunately, a baseless reputation of being corrupt has been passed on to unwitting voters. What we are witnessing is the result of over 30 years of right-wing branding.

Hillary Is A Lot More Honest Than You Think

Politifact, a Pulitzer prize winning fact-checking organization, gave Hillary Clinton the best record of any of the candidates in 2016. Trump on the other hand, has been given the worst. With Trump, it almost appears as if every other word out of his mouth is a lie. Here are their ratings side by side:

Trump Is Uniquely Incapable Of Being President

In any normal election, one would simply disagree with the other candidate’s policies. This is different. Donald Trump has proven that he is not only temperamentally unfit, but intellectually incapable of performing the duties that come with having the most powerful job on planet Earth. Trump has, on multiple occasions, shown us that he’s the Jon Snow of global and domestic affairs. He knows nothing.

Russia Is Working To Get Him Elected

Over the course of this election, it has gone from conspiracy theory to blatantly obvious that the Russian government has been adamantly working to get Donald Trump elected. Why do you think this is? Their hacking of democratic officials, and collusion with Wikileaks to affect the outcome of our election is THE biggest story of this election season. Not fucking emails!

Divisive (and misogynistic) Donald

The divisive rhetoric we’ve seen throughout his disgraceful campaign has been painful to watch. Donald kicked off his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants rapists. He went on to call for a ban on all Muslims from entering the United States, said a judge couldn’t do his job because of his Mexican heritage, stated that African-Americans are poor and uneducated, and insulted a gold-star family based on their religion. Oh yeah.. and this:

He’s also made threats to lock up his political enemies and change libel laws to limit the free speech of journalists who say negative things about him. We don’t do that in America.

Johnson And Stein Are Not Viable Candidates

This was an election where many people fell for the “both candidates are bad” narrative. And if there was ever going to be an opportunity for a third party candidate to break-through, this was the year. Unfortunately, the anti-establishment crowd were given Libertarian and Green Party candidates, Gary Johnson and Dr. Jill Stein.

Gary Johnson wants to eliminate the minimum wage, dismantle environmental regulations, cut social security, and close the Federal Reserve. Furthermore he’s demonstrated breathtaking foreign policy ignorance. From his inability to name a foreign leader he admires to exposing his ignorance on Syria (“What’s Aleppo?”), Johnson has proven himself unfit to make decisions in the Situation Room.

When it comes to Dr. Jill Stein, while some of her ideas are mainstream left-wing policies, a deep dive will reveal that her agenda and policy prescriptions are awful. Aside from the utter lack of a political infrastructure to advance her agenda, she flirts with anti-vaxxing, she ignores science on GMOs, and she wants to eliminate student debt through quantitative easing (makes absolutely no sense). And to top it off her running mate, Ajamu Baraka, has called Barack Obama an “Uncle Tom.” Not a good look.

Some folks may have given a protest vote because they feel that both candidates are “equally bad.” But it’s important to remember that in 2000, Gore lost to Bush by 537 votes in Florida. Just 537 votes…your vote ALWAYS matters.

There Is Only One Choice

2016 did not give us a policy-driven election with multiple viable candidates that pushed our national debate forward. Instead, we got an election that tested who we were at our core, and what the values we’ll be passing down to future generations will be.

This election, it is Hillary Rodham Clinton who represents the best of America. When the results are called tonight, we hope to show the world that we are a nation that embraces progress and tolerance, not stagnation and bigotry. We believe she is the only real choice in this election. Tonight, when Hillary Clinton shatters the highest glass ceiling and is elected the first female President of the United States, Rantt’s founding team will be proud we launched early — because Hillary Clinton is worth it.

-The Rantt Editorial Board

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