Fort Worth School District Unanimously Passes So-Called “Sanctuary School” Resolution

School board overwhelmingly throws support behind undocumented students

Fort Worth Independent School District joined a growing list of Texas school districts as they approved a plan to protect undocumented students from being targeted for deportation while attending school.

The “Resolution to Designate All Fort Worth Independent School District (ISD) Schools as Welcoming and Safe,” was passed by a 6-0 vote.

Fort Worth ISD’s school board, which represents the sixth largest school district in the state, approved the resolution during a Tuesday, February 28 board meeting that was crowded with teachers, parents, and concerned citizens.

The school board’s 1st Vice President, Ashley Paz, resisted the notion that the resolution was a “sanctuary school” bill, noting that schools are already supposed to be safe places for undocumented students from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The resolution had overwhelming support from the Fort Worth citizens who spoke during the public hearing.

One of those citizens was Marco Rosas, Executive Director of the Tarrant County Democratic Party.

Rosas was pleased the Fort Worth ISD passed the resolution, but not surprised. He echoed Paz’s sentiment that these protections for undocumented students already exist.

“The Supreme Court has already ruled on it, this just affirms that the Fort Worth ISD is going to do exactly what the Supreme Court says,” Rosas said. “This should not be a partisan issue, it’s unfortunate it has become one.”

In total, 18 people spoke about the resolution during public hearings. Only one of the eighteen speakers was opposed to its passage.

The man who spoke against the resolution seemed to shock those in attendance with his racially charged remarks. Among other things he said minority students don’t respect “white concepts” like “respect for authority.”

Footage of his statement is posted below.

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