At NYC restaurant, Trump reaffirms his class loyalty

Trump campaigned as a champion of the white working-class but he will govern as a defender of the billionaire-class
Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, greet patrons at New York City’s 21 Club restaurant (Photo: NBC News).

Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, greet patrons at New York City’s 21 Club restaurant (Photo: NBC News).

Donald J. Trump may have stoked and exploited white working-class anxiety to win the Electoral College but, in an impromptu visit to a famous Manhattan restaurant on Wednesday night, the self-styled “blue-collar” billionaire reassured patrons that his ruling-class loyalty should not be doubted.

In a departure from presidential protocol that raises fears of an unprecedentedly lack of transparency from his administration, Trump and his family went out for dinner without informing the press pool assigned to cover him. In fact, Trump’s spokeswoman, Hope Hicks, reportedly had told the press to go home because Trump “was calling it a night.” The media only became aware of their visit to the 21 Club restaurant because Bloomberg reporter, Taylor Riggs, just happened to be there. Riggs tried to confront Trump about why he misinformed the media, but he predictably ignored her.

As Trump and his family made their surprise entrance, the so-called political “outsider” was met with a standing ovation from 21 Club patrons. This being New York City, many in the room were likely members of the city’s much talked about liberal elite. It is not hard to imagine most of these people, only days earlier, decrying the bigotry, stupidity, and “deplorableness” of Trump’s “redneck” supporters. Now faced with the ring-master himself, they nearly fell over themselves to personally thank their new leader and tell him how much they looked forward to his presidency.

Trump responded to the warm welcome in kind. He told the assembled diners to enjoy their $126 meals and assured them that he would soon relieve the economic hardship of having to hire people to find tax loopholes. As he glad-handed around the room, the jovial President-elect reasserted his commitment to helping wealthy people like himself. In keeping with his regressive tax plan, Trump promised, “We’ll get your taxes down — don’t worry!” Understandably, the room laughed happily.

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To keep the good times going, many people no doubt ordered another drink. Cocktails at 21 Club cost more than twice the federal minimum wage but with one of their own in the White House, New York’s elite know they will soon have extra spending money. Perhaps an over-excited customer even cracked open a $13,000 bottle of wine.

Cheers to #OurPresident!

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