A National Popular Vote Is Within Reach

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact has 61% of the electoral votes it needs to hit the 270 mark
The 2016 Electoral College Map

The 2016 Electoral College Map

The last few weeks have been a particularly draining period in politics. From Trump’s questionable appointment picks, to his blatant disregard of existing foreign policy — we are living through alarming period in American history. Our next President, who was rubber-stamped this week by the Electoral College, seems more interested in critiquing Saturday Night Live sketches and meeting with Kanye West, than receiving intelligence briefings. It’s “unpresidented.”

While Democrats struggle to find a path forward in this new political climate, the fight for a change in our election system continues. The latest glimmer of hope comes in the form of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact — in essence, the compact is a completely legal way to bypass the the Electoral College on a state by state level. If enough states join the compact, it could transform the way we elect a President in the United States. 11 states have joined the compact so far, totaling 61% of the total votes needed to achieve the magic number of 270 electoral votes.

We need 105 more electoral votes from a variety of states — and while that may seem like a lot, we must remember that we’re already more than halfway there. The reality is that this could work, but it’s going to require a tremendous amount of work and political capital — something we don’t have a lot of right now. What needs to happen is clear. It’s time to start applying pressure on the right people. It will take a massive amount of coordination and focus to achieve something this radical, but it’s been done before. If Democrats are serious about abolishing the Electoral College, it’s time to put our money where our mouths are. Donate to the cause. Get the word out. Organize demonstrations, make calls to your elected representatives, write righteous emails. Do all of the above until this becomes law in your state. We must put calculated political pressure on the right individuals to make this happen, or else it won’t. And that’s just the truth.

Democrats have the numbers to win the popular vote — Hillary Clinton lost this election despite a near 3 million vote margin against President-elect Trump. That’s maddening. We can fix this. If you’re serious about a national popular vote — this compact is the most viable path to get there. Spread the word.

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