12 Senate Republicans Rebuke Trump, Vote With Dems To Block National Emergency

In a significant vote, 12 Republicans broke with the President over his signature issue in an effort to block his move to build the wall through executive action.
President Trump (AP)

President Trump (AP)

1. A rare rebuke: In a  59-41 vote, a resolution to block President Trump’s national emergency passed the Senate. After President Trump declared this national emergency in an effort to reallocate funds to build a wall at the southern border, the House first passed the resolution which, under the National Emergencies Act, forced the Senate to take up a vote. The power to appropriate funds is bestowed upon the legislative branch by Article 1 of the Constitution. Many see Trump’s move as a blatantly unconstitutional executive overreach. Democrats have pointed to the lack of evidence and false claims Trump has made to justify the national emergency, and also the fact Trump said “I didn’t need to do this… I just want to do it faster.”


The Senate’s vote today was nothing less than a referendum on unchecked executive power. Senate Democrats voted for the resolution and 12 Republicans defected from President Trump.

  • Senator Alexander (TN)
  • Senator Blunt (MO)
  • Senator Collins (MA)
  • Senator Lee (US)
  • Senator Moran (KS)
  • Senator Murkowski (AK)
  • Senator Paul (KY)
  • Senator Portman (OH)
  • Senator Romney (UT)
  • Senator Rubio (FL)
  • Senator Toomey (PA)
  • Senator Wicker (MS)

Senator Tillis (R-NC) flipped his vote after claiming he would oppose the national emergency declaration in a Washington Post op-ed. Senator Cruz (R-TX) also vote against the resolution. Republican Senator Cory Gardner’s “no” vote has many speculating that his re-election prospects in the state of Colorado may be harmed – The Denver Post has now said their endorsement of Gardner was a mistake. President Trump responded by immediately tweeting simply the word “VETO!” Will the Senate be able to muster the votes to override the veto? Judging by today’s vote count, it appears to be highly unlikely. Critics of the national emergency declaration should watch the lawsuits filed against the emergency declaration closely.


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