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Rantt Media launched in October 2016 with one goal in mind—to combat disinformation by creating a more informed and politically active society. We analyze the news, shed light on injustices, and tell the stories that matter to you. Because we are independently-owned and completely ad-free, we are able to prioritize quality, not clicks. No both-sideism. No false equivalency. No sensationalism. No data collection.

We studied and learned from the many media failures in their coverage of Donald Trump during the 2016 election. That’s why we write context-rich articles that focus on the most important stories of our time, not what gets the most attention. Media is the lens through which people perceive reality, and we strive to hold that lens responsibly.

Rantt has been cited on well-known publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian and interviewed up and coming politicians such as Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and Congressman Collin Allred.

We take pride in being reader-funded so that we are beholden to you, not corporate interests. The only way to truly have a media for the people is for media to be funded by the people. We’re asking you to become a monthly subscriber of Rantt Media, so that we can continue to ferociously spread the truth in the midst of so many lies. Now is the time to support independent journalism

You can join our newsletter or our community newsroom on Slack where we discuss all the latest news in real-time. Come for the political discussions with our team, stay for the friendships you’ll create with us and other community members. No harassment. No trolls. Just meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals.

Every little bit helps our mission. Thank you!

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