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Rantt Media, founded by lifelong friends Zak Ali and Ahmed Baba, was launched in October 2016 with one goal in mind—to combat disinformation and to help create a more informed and politically active society.

Our Values

We believe media is the lens through which people perceive reality, so we strive to hold that lens responsibly. No false equivalency. No collection of your personally identifiable data. No targeted ads.

Our Content

We publish context-rich political analysis, interviews with public figures, and explainer articles on topics ranging from domestic and foreign policy to basic civics. We strive to spread the truth as ferociously as gaslighters spread lies.

Our Funding

We take pride in being primarily reader-funded. Because we are independently-owned we are able to prioritize quality, not clicks. We're also transparent, inviting our subscribers into our exclusive online newsroom.

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